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Noticed tonight that #ThisIsScooter is @human_refuse’s profile icon on #Xbox.

#ThisIsScooter and #ThisIsJosiah completing the Raiser’s choice scavenger hunt pose in the trunk of my car during Scooter’s last @GuidingEyes Puppy Class.

Brothers from another mother. #ThisIsJosiah + #ThisIsScooter reunited upstate today. (at Ward Pound Ridge Reservation)

Sometimes you’re the one with your eyes closed, but who cares when you’re with your family. @human_refuse, #ThisIsDenim, #ThisIsScooter, me, @ccclosmore and @chclosmore. We missed you @aclosmore + @sclosmore.

#ThisIsDenim resting her head on #ThisIsScooter’s front paws for a morning snooze.

Reunited with #ThisIsScooter after a long time in Texas. Only 35 days until he goes in for training @GuidingEyes.

#ThisIsScooter is confident it’s officially spring and there is nothing quite like basking in the sun in Brooklyn Bridge Park.

Even #ThisIsScooter can’t believe all that fur came from just his right side.

I told my brother I couldn’t get home tonight because I got stuck in Detroit and I find out #ThisIsScooter is boycotting.

Thanks Mack! Love you - stop hiding from me and #ThisIsScooter on Instagram.

#ThisIsScooter couldn’t be more happy another snow storm is finding its way to NYC.

It’s a curl up kind of morning for #GuidingEyes’ #ThisIsScooter and #ThisIsRiggs.

Meet Mini #ThisIsScooter, #ThisIsRiggs

#ThisIsScooter + #ThisIsPaloma playing in the snow @GuidingEyes’ Canine Development Center this morning. Several inches in under two hours. (at Guiding Eyes for the Blind - Canine Development Center)

#ThisIsScooter is loving the #FirstClass advantages of my #Delta Diamond Medallion Status (at Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport (MSP))