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Cicada nymph exoskeleton

At the London Heathrow Virgin Atlantic Lounge they have a machine and a team making the custom #ShareADietCoke bottles for people.

I think all the “watch out for theft and pickpocket” signs around London missed this memo.

#StarWars #Legos talkin’ sassy

#UrbanNerds in #Shoreditch

#dogsonthetube #victorialine

at St. Pancras Renaissance Hotel

Now that we have our own yard and garden @ccclosmore thought it would be smart to get each of us @Crocs so we can leave them outside instead of tracking stuff back into the apartment. Today these arrived. A green pair for @ccclosmore, a purple pair for me and a black pair for @human_refuse who swears he’ll never wear them, but he will. Downside, @crocs mailed me 2 purple left feet which kinda took the fun out of receiving them. Now to add dealing with returns to my todo list.

Over the last couple weeks of turning the soil in the garden and planting I’ve come across a lot of random things. I’ve found a bizarre amount of glass, shoelaces, marbles and electronics - all had to be disposed of, but today I came across this little guy and I think I’ll keep him.

#ThisIsHayes and #ThisIsCiCi waiting patiently to come inside after helping out with some yard work. #GuidingEyes

The new yard is coming together! I’m hiding the grass part until the new seed starts to recover the sod, but for now you can check out the freshly planted flowers and shrubs.

After a very VERY trying day with a last minute changed lease, refusal to give keys to new apartment literally 15 minutes before meeting movers, hitting a huge pothole and rolling into a truck (no damage thankfully), late movers, and almost a parking ticket - this was a delightful little face to see when walking to Caroline’s to clean up because oh yea, no hot water yet.

#GuidingEyes #ThisIsDiana

Sometimes I make @ccclosmore laugh really hard. And then she gets back to business.

How #DUMBO watches the #WorldCup (at Archway Under The Manhattan Bridge)