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After a very VERY trying day with a last minute changed lease, refusal to give keys to new apartment literally 15 minutes before meeting movers, hitting a huge pothole and rolling into a truck (no damage thankfully), late movers, and almost a parking ticket - this was a delightful little face to see when walking to Caroline’s to clean up because oh yea, no hot water yet.

#GuidingEyes #ThisIsDiana

Sometimes I make @ccclosmore laugh really hard. And then she gets back to business.

How #DUMBO watches the #WorldCup (at Archway Under The Manhattan Bridge)

Sometimes you’re so tired even an oven broiler pan can serve as a comfortable place to pass out. This little #GuidingEyes “A” litter puppy gets an A+ on “Confident on strange underfootings”. (at Guiding Eyes for the Blind, Patterson Ny)

#OneGirlCookies taking animal crackers to the next level.

#TBT to that time @ccclosmore got her wisdom teeth pulled out and used a camo ski mask to keep packs of frozen peas against her jaw…in the middle of a June heat wave.

Yellow Rice takes comfort food to a new level for the Peas ‘n Pickles Kitty.


All that wind last night blew this nest and it’s eggs out of a 40 ft. high branch. I discovered the upside down nest first and thought to look for any eggs that may have been thrown from it - just these 2. @binkiec has informed me it won’t be enough that I placed the eggs in the nest under the heat lamp that is also keeping the new baby chickens warm. #LifeAndDeathOnTheFarm

@aclosmore #yogaeverywhere


Saw the most incredible apartments in Williamsburg yesterday. The #SpireLofts are in a restored church on North 6th and Bedford. If I can convince the siblings they could be our new home for a mere $8k a month!

Checked out the most incredible apartments in Williamsburg yesterday - the Spire Lofts are part of a restored church. If I can convince the siblings it could be our new home for a mere $8k a month.

#GuidingEyes #ThisIsRegis giving me his “Are you sure I can’t come up on the couch?” face.