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Thumbs Up to You + You +You

#GuidingEyes #ThisIsRegis giving me his “Are you sure I can’t come up on the couch?” face.

#GuidingEyes puppy sibling love - as expressed by #ThisIsRave and received by #ThisIsRegis.

#GuidingEyes puppies at my feet at the office - this is how my (and I notice my co-workers’) productivity + happiness thrives. #PuppiesEqualPositiveOfficeMorale #SprinklrLife #GuidingEyes (at Sprinklr)

This is in my lap right now. #ThisIsRegis + #ThisIsRave may wake up early, but they are making it worth it.

This is happening! #GuidingEyes #ThisIsRave + #ThisIsRegis

More from @aclosmore #yogaeverywhere

My sister, @aclosmore is insane in the brain for yoga.

#GuidingEyes’ Meryl’s puppy #ThisIsYale posing during an Early Socialization session this morning.

First Place finish for @BrownWRowing V4! #GoBruno (at Cooper River Rowing Grandstands)

These two are the only boys in our family of eight. So happy to have Dad visiting.

Favorite part about flying through Salt Lake City is the mountain view.

What a nerdy coffee table - great use of shiny, but old computer chips.

#Latergram of #GuidingEyes #ThisIsAlfredo calm in the bustle of NYC.

To the woman who taught me to be curious, be outside, be caring, be me and always look up (literally who knows what bird could be overhead). I love you mom (@binkiec)! And to all the mothers, fathers, aunts, uncles, friends, teachers, caretakers and mentors who have been a mother to someone - thank you for what you do. #singleissuevoter #mothersday

#GuidingEyes #ThisIsWendy loved snacking on Elmo’s hand this morning.