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#gobadgers #onwisconsin #finalfour

#gobadgers #onwisconsin #finalfour

#gobadgers #onwisconsin

Brothers from another mother. #ThisIsJosiah + #ThisIsScooter reunited upstate today. (at Ward Pound Ridge Reservation)

Quick stop post security check at the Milwaukee Airport’s Recombobulation Area. Yes, it’s a thing. (at General Mitchell International Airport (MKE))

@RosieRobotmaid will be pleased to see the cover of this week’s Economist acknowledging the “Rise of the #Robots”. #Evoltobor

@RosieRobotmaid will be pleased to see this week’s @TheEconomist cover acknowledging the “Rise of the Robots” #Evoltobor

Based on my description of the color of the egg my birder mom, @binkiec tells me a robin probably laid this baby blue egg. I may have left out that it’s enormous,

Did I miss something? Is #bedazzling hats back in?

#ThisIsDenim is making this Sunday spectacularly adorable, floppy and full of naps.

Sometimes you’re the one with your eyes closed, but who cares when you’re with your family. @human_refuse, #ThisIsDenim, #ThisIsScooter, me, @ccclosmore and @chclosmore. We missed you @aclosmore + @sclosmore.

@ragythomas enjoying some Friday puppy love from #GuidingEyes #ThisIsDenim #ItsOK # (at Sprinklr)

Regrammed from my sister (@aclosmore) from my grandfather (@baapaa11) of my darling grandmother laying out in the frigid Minnesota weather with her two dogs. #GoodStock

Not shown: peck, navel, and eye tiles. (at 21c Museum Hotel)

#ThisIsDenim resting her head on #ThisIsScooter’s front paws for a morning snooze.