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Thumbs Up to You + You +You

Heartbreak #Easter Bunnies in #DUMBO.

Noticed tonight that #ThisIsScooter is @human_refuse’s profile icon on #Xbox.

Most delicious #BlueApron meal I’ve made yet: Homemade Veggie Burgers with Miso Cabbage and Carrot Slaw.

#ThisIsScooter and #ThisIsJosiah completing the Raiser’s choice scavenger hunt pose in the trunk of my car during Scooter’s last @GuidingEyes Puppy Class.

So proud of @chclosmore and @brownwrowing for their wins at the Lake Natoma Invite.

the chord that causes flames to shoot out of instruments. (at Brooklyn Bridge Park, DUMBO)

This band struck a chord… (at Brooklyn Bridge Park, DUMBO)

Check. (at Penn Station 34th Street - NYC)

Sometimes when you’re on a train and you have to join a super important conference call, but your Bluetooth headphones are out of juice your friend lends you an earbud…but notice he kept the mic.

Super excited for tonight’s @BlueApronMeals.

A seriously genius move by @uber to put these in their cars. And a nice contextual advertising placement by @Delta.

worth the sediment

#GuidingEyes Luna’s adorableness from this morning should cheer all of the deflated Badger fans up at least a little. #gobadgers

so sad, but thinking they’re just helping the wildcats take out the huskies. #gobadgers #onwisconsin #finalfour

#gobadgers #onwisconsin #finalfour