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Thumbs Up to You + You +You

PVC pipe has never been so adorable. #GuidingEyes

#ThisIsScooter is a little too excited for the weekend to get started.

Hotel keycards from the last couple quarters. #Travel #RoadWarrior

Does anyone have any of my socks for the right foot?

Saucer of #GuidingEyes Bria’s “K” #Puppies (at Guiding Eyes for the Blind)

After months away at Guide Dog school #ThisIsScooter charged around a corner at the @GuidingEyes kennel today to say hello to his life as a #Closmore forever. #CareerChange (at Guiding Eyes for the Blind)

Almost stepped on this little #turtle yesterday.

Hey Girl

@sclosmore knows me so well…sorta. Bath fizz not so much, but #robot design TOTALLY.


A small sampling of the over 400 Chimney Swifts we watched descend into this chimney. 400 is a lot, but two nights ago they saw over 1,000. #BirdersDelight #BirdNerd (at Mahtomedi Senior High School)

Another #GuidingEyes #ThisIsBancroft!!! (at Guiding Eyes for the Blind - Canine Development Center)

Love Anonymous Back


Bloomed and calling bees for miles.